Canada is a multicultural mosaic country, consisting of diverse races and beliefs. Equality and Unity in Diversity are important values in Canada. We strive to maintain our family's cultural and heritages, put effort to be tolerant with one another and respect the environment by way of managing our footprints on earth.

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Canada at a Glance

Established:         July 1, 1867 - Canada Day

Location:               Earth 56.1304° N, 106.3468° W - North of 49°

Area:                      9.98M sq. km or 3.85M sq. miles - World's 2nd  

Country:                10 Provinces and 3 Territories

Time-zones:         6 (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic

                                and Newfoundland) 

Climate:                 4 seasons, 35°C (summer) to -20°C (winter)  

Landscape:           Alpine, Arctic Tundra and Boreal Forest  

Population:           37.26 million (2018) - World's 38th    

Life Expectancy:  81.4 years (Male: 78.8, Female: 84.1) 

Annual Births:      403,900 (2018)  

Immigration:         247,504 Net Migration (2018) 

Ocean Border:      Arctic (N), Atlantic (E), Pacific (W)

Country Border:   United State of America (S)  -  8,890 km